Reflections of the Campbellsport Area

Reflections of the Campbellsport Area:

What's been lost? What's changed

Wednesday, November 6th @ 6:30 pm


Local historian and educator Karl McCarty will be presenting some of his research in a presentation titled: Reflections: What's been lost? What's changed? Karl McCarty will be sharing memories from interviews with residents from the Ashford, St. Kilian, Eden, and Campbellsport area.


McCarty currently teaches U.S. history, psychology and philosophy at Oakfield High School. Raised in St. Kilian, he has spent the past six years acquiring interviews, stories, quotes, pictures and memories of the past. This presentation looks at what has significantly changed in the area. This includes alterations in what used to be "on the map." As well as, common behaviors and the culture norms of the community in mid 19th century as compared to now.

In addition, changes in mid 1900s economy to now and even changes to the natural landscape will be presented.  McCarty will present for roughly an hour, then open discussion up for questions and suggestions for further research.

This is a free drop-in event. Refreshments will be served.


Wednesday, November 6, 2019 - 6:30pm